Celebrities with Smiles We Can't Get Enough Of!

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Celebrities With Smiles We Can't Get Enough Of

We can't help but reminisce about the actors, singers and stars who walked the red carpet dressed to the nines. But while entertainment reporters were asking what designer they were wearing, we were busy being dazzled by their pearly whites. We can't help it -- we love a good celeb smile. Here are some we can't seem to get enough of.

James Franco

Flanked by his unmistakable dimples, James Franco has one of the most contagious smiles on the big screen. James is great in a dramatic role, but we prefer him in a comedy where he's constantly flashing those ivories our way.


Queen B's smile might be our favorite thing about her -- aside from her killer pipes. We get why Jay-Z locked it down back in 2008; her coy, charming smile and the twinkle in her eye has us crazy in love, too. Keep slaying, B.

Justin Timberlake

JT's grin has had our attention since his early days in *NSYNC, and like a good wine, it's only gotten better with age. We especially love it when he's geeking out with his best friend Jimmy Fallon on "The Tonight Show." One thing's for sure -- when he's grinning from ear to ear, that's the definition of bringing sexy back.

Jennifer Lawrence

Known for being one of the goofiest gals in Hollywood, Jennifer Lawrence is always seen smiling, no matter where she is. Her down-to-earth attitude and ability to keep it real is the second reason she's earned a spot on our list. The first, of course, is her glowing grin.

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen's made a career out of smiling and her ability to make other smiles. This comedienne, entertainer and all-around star has a stunning smile that's coupled with an infectious laugh. Our favorite Ellen smile pic features a few other folks from our list -- the infamous Oscar night selfie circa 2014.


We've got it bad for Usher's sweet and endearing smile -- perhaps one of the most iconic smiles in all of Hollywood. His captivating dimples and soulful songs are great too, but when he shows us his grin, we can't help but say "Yeah!"

Sophia Vergara

One look at Sophia Vergara's beaming smile and you can't help but join in. This "Modern Family" star emanates joy -- smiling with her entire face in a way that looks like she's always about to burst into laughter.

Julia Roberts

The final name on our list has a smile that's become her trademark. Julia Roberts was born with one of the most unique and distinctive smiles in Hollywood. She's an American sweetheart with an equally sweet smile to match.

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