Summer Shades

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Use Summer Shades to Brighten Your Smile

Summer is upon us, and it’s time to start thinking about what our summer shades are! During the winter, our skin tends to get lighter because we aren’t exposed to as much sunlight. But in the summertime, skin tone is likely to change and deepen. This can be great for your smile!

Having bright, white teeth is a great way to make you look fresh, healthy and young! While flossing and brushing are the most effective ways of making your teeth look whiter, believe it or not, some clever makeup tricks can amp up the sparkle too!

Bronze Glow for Brighter Teeth

In summer people spend their days outside and tend to be more active than during the winter. In summertime, you want your skin to have a fresh, healthy glow to reflect your lifestyle. Brushing on a light bronze glow can make your skin look vibrant and also make your teeth shine bright all summer long! The contrast between skin that is a shade or two more golden and white teeth will make you look healthier and brighter all around!

Lipstick Colors That Make Your Teeth Seem Whiter

Another trick is to dress up your lips! You can never go wrong with a bright lip color to give your teeth that extra oomph between whitening visits. Instead of the natural pale color of our lips, a bright red lipstick or gloss will contrast with your teeth so they stand out and sparkle! Bold lipstick shades with blue undertones like bright reds and berry shades deflect the yellow tint on your teeth to make them look sparkly and white.

Other Makeup Tricks for a Beautiful Smile

One trick I love is using a highlighting pencil to trace around the edge of my lip line to make my lips appear much fuller and dial up the shine of my smile.

Surprisingly, eye makeup can help enhance your pearly whites, too! Cool-toned colors like green and turquoise on your lids will help lessen visibility of yellow tones and brighten your smile through the summer months.

Want more tips on making your smile as bright as it can be? Call today to let us recommend the best ways to get the healthy, white smile you deserve!